Scrum Daily Standups

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March 25, 2013 by temebele

Scrum Daily Stand up

Daily stand ups are powerful tools for any team but only when done the right way.

Asking the following three questions would help you analyze the effectiveness of your stand ups.

–        Is the 15 minute filled with a good energy that serves as a boost for your team as they start their day?

–        Is the 15 minute fully focused on the Sprint backlog items and only those?

–        Do the team and other stand up attendants get a good feeling on the progress when leaving the stand up?

If you just let each team member update their team on the three Qs (yesterday, today, issues) there is a potential that the person might go off topic or unnecessarily be too descriptive about what they accomplished, hence killing the high level of energy.

–        PLANNING DASHBOARD should be the center of the stand up. Any discussion during the 15 minutes should be about those items and only those items. It also allows team to always focus on the higher priority items.

–        Use BURN DOWN charts. They give a quick snapshot for all attendants to understand the progress. Ask team members to UPDATE WORK ITEM PROGRESS STATUS and remaining effort for each item before coming to stand up.
(For better management of remaining effort it is good if team breaks down development tasks for each story and put is under the story as sub item)

–        Don’t forget that PRODUCT OWNERS are not part of the SCRUM team. The product owners should only provide inputs for questions from the Scrum team. (On issues or prioritization).

In short, if you are practicing scrum the daily stand ups shouldn’t be the first time the team reports issues. Throughout the days any impediments are being communicated to product owners and being solved.  The daily stand up should just be a quick catch up to re-commit to each other on the promised work items and also to give visibility for everyone how the Sprint is progressing.

Hope it helps.

If you read this please share your experience on how your team does daily stand ups.


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