Rhino Mock Assert was called

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January 5, 2010 by temebele

I came across a unit test that I needed to verify that a method got called but didn’t really care about the parameter being passed except that it shouldn’t be null.
After researching a bit I was able to find how to do it with Rhinomocks.

repository.AssertWasCalled(k => k.SaveAndCommit<ProposalFlight>(Arg<ProposalFlight>.Matches(s => s != null)));

I only care that a non-null parameter of the type specified gets passed.

The repository was mocked as below.

Mocks = new MockRepository();
repository = MockRepository.GenerateMock<IRepository>();
And the method was stubbed as below:
repository.Stub(b => b.SaveAndCommit<ProposalFlight>(null)).IgnoreArguments();
Hopefully this information it will save few minutes for somebody.

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